JAVA Blackjack Calculator (BJC)

Since Aug' 99

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Most of applets are based on "The Theory of blackjack".


This program is an alpha (early beta) version.

Some calculations require lots of memory and calculation time. In some case, your browser could be frozen. Please don't blame me. Only try those applets at your own risk.

Basic Strategy Chart Maker (BJC Chart Maker)

You can instantly get the color Basic Strategy Chart for any rules.

Hand Combination

Under construction

Player's Hand Probability

Probability of player's initial hand.

Dealer's Hand Probability

Probability of dealer's final hand.

Player's Hand Edge Calculation

Play decision and edge for each stuation.
e.g. Player hand (4,10) vs. Dealer upcard (10) -> Hit

KNOWN BUG: Re-Split edge, infinit deck.

Basic Strategy Chart Generation

Generate Basic Strategy Chart for any condition on your machine.

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